Hello, we are jobspot.lk

Hi there. We are jobspot.lk and we are you number 1 job resource in Sri Lanka.
Without a doubt we are the most professional and most reliable job board in Sri Lanka offering Sri Lankan professionals the finest categories of job opportunities in the country.

What we do

We offer Sri Lankan companies and employers a niche advertising platform which enables them to target their jobs and post them online to all Sri Lankan job seekers. We also ensure that only quality applications of people befitting the opportunity reaches the agencies so that their task of looking for the perfect employ becomes less hassling.
For people looking for jobs we ensure that only the best jobs are posted online at our platform. The best part about our platform and its services is the fact that we are absolutely free for Sri Lankan audience. We do not charge anything from people looking for jobs and try to offer our assistance in all possible ways.

Our values

jobspot.lk is a platform connecting Sri Lankans with viable job opportunities. At the heart of our company is the desire to succeed and to help people connect with that which can amount for their success.
We want to change the way people perceive work and think about opportunities. We want to help them improve their lives actively. For companies, we have innovation as our biggest weapon. We want to help them improve their workforce, its performance and enable them to take in new technology, adopt better tools and practices with better people. In short we want to help companies to be able to hire like nobody else can.
Bottom line benefits

For companies

  1. Online advertising with jobspot.lk is very cost effective way of recruitment advertising.
  2. Job postings are valid for 14 days and accessible 24/7.
  3. Smart search and communication platform to connect with most suitable candidate for the job.

For job seekers

  1. We are 100% free.
  2. Job alerts matching the CV criteria are delivered free of cost after every 24hrs once the resume is posted.
  3. Vast network and better positions available.


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