Top ten common interview questions and answers in Sri Lanka

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Top ten common interview questions and answers in Sri Lanka

This article contains information about top 10 interview questions and answers with examples and important points to remember. Hope this will help you in your interviews.

01. Tell us about yourself

  • Start with your name
  • Give your place of living
  • Education in short
  • Job experience if any
  • Family details in short


My name is Dilshani. I live in Kottawa. I have done my degree in Commerce and MBA in Management. I have 3 year Experience in Audit

Another way of introducing yourself and your passion

I am really energetic and a good communicator. Working 2 years in the role of marketing allows me to build confidence and taught me the importance of customer loyalty. I consider myself punctual hardworking, reliable and dependable.

02. Why are you looking for a job change

  • Explain what you have learnt from your previous job.
  • Share your reason for job change
  • Relate your career goals


I shall be much thankful to my previous organization because I have learnt ample of things there. In my point of view changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills through career enhancement, personal growth and financial growth. Your organization is a good platform where I can learn more.

Other things you can say

  • I am looking forward to broaden my horizons in order to enhance skills and competencies.
  • I am looking for a job where I can grow with the company.
  • I am looking for a job that suits my sound academic background
  • I am looking forward to better opportunity where I can improve career wise as well as financial wise.
  • I was made redundant because the company has re located
  • Why do you want to work with our company?
  • Tell them what you interested in the company 
  • Relate it to your long term career goals


It’s a great privilege to work with a reputed company like yours.When I go through your company profile I found that my qualification and experience are matching to your profile requirement where I can showcase my technical skills for your company growth.

  • What are your career goals?
  • Explain both in terms of long term and short term

My long term goal is to get the job where I can utilize my skills and improve my career growth

My long term goal is to become a respectable personality in the company.

  • What are your Strengths
  • I am a quick learner
  • Adaptation
  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Flexibility
  • Optimistic
  • Fast decision Making
  • Self-Motivated


  • I believe in my strongest trait is my attention to detail. This has been a key determinant that supported me immensely throughout my career
  • I have always been a great team player with team spirit and I am always willing to keep team together and producing quality work in a team environment.
  • Additionally I am an adaptable person. I have worked under three different managers having three different management approaches. Even in a scenario like that I was able ti adjust my approach to meet each of their requirements accordingly.
  • I am honest, self-motivated and hard working person with positive attitude towards my career, work as well as personal life.
  • What are your weaknesses
  • Straightforward
  • Impatient
  • Sensitive
  • More Talkative
  • Trust people very Quickly
  • When Someone ask for help I can’t say no
  • Quick decision making
  •  Get nervous when talk to strangers


I am much helpful and I can’t say no when support is raised.  Apart from that I am bit lazy in which I am not interested

  • What are your Salary Requirements
  • Never share your salary requirements as a fresher
  • If you are well experienced, you can share your expected salary
  • Always say yes as per the company norms for the job


I am a fresher and I do not consider salary as the first priority for me at the beginning of my career. This is definitely a huge platform to start my career as well as I want to improve my knowledge & skills. Further I can gain experience as a fresher with new learnings with practical aspects. So I expect a considerable pay in line with my ability and as per your company norms which will fill my economical requirements.

I have had issues in the past with planning and prioritization. However, I am now taking steps to correct this through a pocket planner.

Apart from that I might need to learn be more flexible when things are not going according to the stated plans. I am trying to sort this out and at the moment I am working on this.

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Share your knowledge
  • Work Experiences
  • Skills related to Job
  • Career Goals


As a fresher, myself is blessed with adequate theoretical and I can work hard for the greater good of the Organization by utilizing my each and every possible efforts. I can finished the work assigned to me on time and even adhoc tasks while being more punctual and sincere to fulfill the organization’s expectation through recruiting me.

  • Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years
  • Even though, it is very hard to predict the future, I sincerely believe that I will be very good in my position. I believe in that my ambition will allow me to excel to the point that I can seek other opportunities in the management pillar and even possibly higher.
  • In five years’ time I see myself as a valued employee of a company, I want to be an expert in my position and start training in the next pillar(managerial)
  • My goal is to become a lead in five years. Although not everyone gets promoted of this level. I believe in this since I expect to achieve this through hard work and commitment.
  1. Finally, do you have any question to ask?
  • Express thanks
  • Salary structure
  • Job timing
  • Job location
  • Overtime Allowances
  • Timing period
  • Transport Facility


Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I would like to know the job timing and transport facility and what will be the job location and salary scale in your organization.

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