Why Government Jobs are good in Sri Lanka – Top 10 Reasons

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Government Job Vacancies Sri Lanka
Government Jobs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Government jobs have very high demand because the Sri Lankan government has always been trying to do its best for its citizens. Knowing the importance of employment and lifestyle, the government knows how to do its best for the people living in this country, so that they are not only employed in different sectors, but also have an improved lifestyle due to the same.

There is one thing that the Sri Lankans enjoy the most in this country, thanks to its government, and that is the concept of government jobs.

What is a government job?

It is nothing, but employment given on the basis of merit and not on the basis of political patronage.

People in Sri Lanka are extremely fond of government jobs because of the following benefits:

  1. Government jobs are safe: If you search for government jobs Sri Lanka, you would notice that there are a lot of people, who find it extremely good to serve to the government of their country. This is because they feel protected in such jobs.
  2. Govt jobs can be transferred to your kids: The good news is that your kids’ futures are also safe, if you have a govt job.
  3. Government jobs pay you a good amount of money, as compared to the work you do: Most of the people know the fact that the government employees work less and are paid more, accordingly to their tasks.
  4. Government jobs do not make you slog, like private companies: While private companies make you slog, govt jobs let you work in peace.
  5. You get the benefits of pension and provident fund in govt jobs: Pension and provident funds are given to you when you retire from a govt job.
  6. There are a lot of government job vacancies that come out every year: You can always opt for the position you want to, out of the various vacancies that come out every year.
  7. The government gives you security when you work for it: The good news is that you have job security when you work for the Sri Lankan government.
  8. There are different types of govt jobs: Out of all the various jobs, you can select the best one for yourself.
  9. If you work hard and are a good employee, you can get promoted: You can get promoted easily since not all the government employees are hard working.
  10. There is not much politics in govt jobs: The good thing is that you don’t find a lot of politics when you work for the Sri Lankan government.

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